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Summer Is Officially Here

What marks the start of Summer more than Alula's Summer Collection

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The Alula Story

Welcome to the Alula Collections story- from a student dream to a dream come true

From the people
From the people
The quality is just something else, the earrings are just so bright and shiny, i love them 😍 and the necklaces are beautiful 🤍 I can't wait to continue building my collection xxxxx
— Lottie
From the people
I received my beautiful new necklace today. Just wanted to say thank you so much for sending it on time, and i absolutely love it ❤️ xx
— Fiona
From the people
Thank you so much for getting my bracelet out, it has arrived and i'm 100% it won't be coming off all summer hahaxxx
— Jessie
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What's New Around Here

Made in Small Batches

Our jewellery pieces are carefully handcrafted in small, exclusive batches, ensuring top-notch quality and efficient delivery. You can expect a premium experience with a shorter waiting period.

Faster Shipping Times

Enjoy the convenience of faster shipping with the majority of our jewellery stock pre-made. Your selected pieces will arrive promptly, simplifying your shopping experience and enhancing your satisfaction.

More Newness

thanks to our new production process, we have more time for innovation. Anticipate a continuous flow of fresh and captivating jewellery designs, offering you an ever-expanding collection to explore and cherish

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