Swirly Earrings


Please check that you have read the delivery times on these earrings

These Swirly Earrings are carefully handmade from recycled 925 sterling silver in Cornwall with a lot of love and care. Each pair is unique, making them the perfect statement earrings for summer. They are easy to wear, yet distinctive enough to turn heads. Whether you are grabbing them for a specific outfit or just hoping to add them to your summer jewellery look, they are sure to bound to be one of the most special earrings you own

  • Handmade in Cornwall
  • 925 Recycled Sterling Silver  
  • No 2 pairs are the same

PLEASE NOTE: These are handmade to order which means they could take up to 28 days to be shipped. Thank you for your patience


Care Guide

1. Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Surfside Beauties🌊

Our jewellery is built to be your ultimate surf buddy. Crafted with 925 Sterling Silver clasps or Gold Filled awesomeness, they're as fearless as you are! Dive into the surf, dance in the rain, or soak up the sun – they're up for the challenge. But here's the deal:

  • Ride the Wave, Not the Chemicals: Before you hit the beach, make sure your jewellery is the last touch. No sprays, creams, or makeup until you're ready to shine.
  • Hang Ten in Storage: After the surf session, find your jewellery a chill spot, away from the sun. Give them a siesta
  • Sparkling Cleanup: Keep that fresh-off-the-beach glow by cleaning your jewellery with a gentle cloth. If they are a bit salty we recommend you wash them off with fresh water. Stubborn tarnish? Go for a silver or gold jewellery cleaner – they'll appreciate the TLC.

2. Beads, Beach, and Bliss☀️

Our beaded buddies bring the beach vibes to your style game. They can handle the fun, but those colors might catch a break after too much water action. Here's how to keep the beach party alive:

  • Stay Dry Before You Ride: Before you dive in, some beaded pieces may appreciate to stay on the shore. This just keeps thier vibe and colour high.
  • Shade Seekers: Your beads love a shady spot when they're not in the spotlight. Direct sunlight isn't their jam if they want to keep their colors popping!
  • Easy-Breezy Cleanup: If your beads get a little sandy, just use a damp, soft cloth. No need for heavy-duty cleaning – they're the chill type.

3. Pearls: Surf-Ready Shine🐚

Now, let's talk pearls – the ocean's elegant gems, perfectly suited to your surfer style. Pearls thrive on your adventurous spirit, and they have a secret to staying radiant:

  • Always On: Pearls love being worn all the time. They absorb natural oils from your skin, enhancing their lustrous shine. So, let them ride the waves with you!
  • Gentle Care: To maintain their glow, wipe your pearls with a soft, damp cloth after each wear. No abrasive cleaners, please!
  • Last On, First Off: Just like your surfboard, pearls are the finishing touch. Keep them away from lotions, oils, and makeup to preserve their natural beauty.
  • Storing Grace: Store your pearl jewellery separately in a soft pouch or compartment to avoid scratches.

We're all about keeping your jewellery as free-spirited and vibrant as your beach-loving soul. Got questions or need some surfer-chick sparkle-saving advice? Ride the wave and reach out anytime. Let's keep the stoke, salty hair, and gems alive and shining! 🌊🏄‍♀️🌞✨


Sandy-Speed Delivery✨:
Most of our ocean treasures will be catching the shipping current and heading your way within 3-7 days.

Handcrafted Beach Beauties🐚:
Now, if you've got your eye on something handmade with that extra beachy charm, hang on for a bit! These gems may take up to 28 days to be crafted to perfection. But trust us, they're like seashells – one of a kind!

Shipped with a Beachy Breeze✉️:
Just so you know, we ship everything with a touch of magic! 🌊 Our packages sail to you via Royal Mail 24hrs tracked. So, you can track your treasure's beachside adventure right to your door.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Yay!!! My gift arrived 🥰 Beautiful packaging thank you - Definitely buying from you again!!! 😘
— Lucy Brown
Customer reviews
Hey girlie, i received my order yesterday and i'm OBSESSED!!!!! 100000% worth the wait! Haven't taken it off since i opened it, thank you so much xxx
— Sophie
Customer reviews
Hey! I've been away for a few days and only got home. I've just opened it, it's absolutely perfect and so beautifully made- Thank you! They're the initials of my two daughters- Margot Alice and Penelope Mary- I will treasure this forever, Thank you xxx
Customer reviews
I just had to message -not only were the necklaces you made for the wedding literally perfect, but i've since bought a bundle for myself and they're the most amazing necklaces ever! I literally wear them everyday!! Thank you 🙌🏼